Photodigm Spectroscopy-Certified™ DBR Lasers

The World's Standard for Monolithic, Precision Laser Diodes

Photodigm DBRs for Laser Spectroscopy, Optical Pumping, Atom Optics

Photodigm has been developing and designing single frequency laser diodes since our inception.  In 2008, we delivered our first Spectroscopy Certified products to our customers.  They were designed for the Rb D2 line at 780.24 nm and the metastable helium line at 1083 nm.  They were used for alkali atom laser spectroscopy.  Since that time, we have sweated the details with our proprietary AlGaAs epi designs and our in-house wafer fab.  We have continually expanded our product line.  We now provide devices for the D1 and D2 lines of the alkali atoms K, Rb, and Cs; the metastable helium pumping line at 1083 nm.  For molecular species, we have 828 nm laser diodes for H2O, and 760 nm laser diodes for O2.  As a result, we are now the recognized leader in lasers resonant with atomic and molecular transitions in the near-IR spectral band from about 740 nm to 1100 nm.  We have the broadest range of wavelengths and the highest available power in these diodes.  

Photodigm Spectroscopy Certified laser diodes are fabricated, tested, and packaged with these critical end uses in mind.  Each device is individually screened and certified to be resonant with the designated transition within the specified operating range.  

Atomic Reference Standards

DBR Laser diodes for atomic clocks  and other applications based on alkali atom laser spectroscopy cooling.  These DBR lasers are also used in magnetometry using optically pumped metastable helium.

Potassium, D1 and D2 lines

Rubidium, D1 and D2 lines

Cesium, D1 and D2 lines

Metastable helium pumping, 1083 nm

Molecular spectroscopy

For process monitoring and atmospheric sampling, we offer the following:

Water vapor (828 nm laser diode)

Oxygen (760 nm band)

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