Picosecond and Nanosecond Pulsed Seed Laser Diodes

Photodigm’s DBR seed laser diodes provide excellent spectral stability and high power for pulsed applications. These lasers are capable of producing pulses as short as a few 10’s of picoseconds and can exhibit a high degree of spectral stability, required for a seed laser for high-gain fiber amplifiers.

These short pulses are obtained through the process of gain switching. Gain switching occurs as a large number of carriers are initially pumped into the active region of the laser. Once the laser is pumped above threshold, a surge of stimulated emission depletes the carriers faster than they can be injected, resulting in a very short, high power spike -- the gain switch spike of the pulsed DBR laser.

Photodigm customers are using gain switched pulsed dbr laser diodes for the following applications:

  • Picosecond pulsed laser diode for time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Nanosecond pulsed laser diode for seeding high power industrial fiber amplifiers for micro-hole drilling
  • Seed laser at 1064nm and 976nm for Yb fiber amplifier
  • Time resolved interferometry
  • CW fiber laser pump for extremely low noise fiber lasers
Photodigm gain switched laser, seed laser, picosecond pulsed laser diode, nanosecond pulsed laser diode, pulsed dbr laser
Trace of 100 psec pulse of Photodigm 1064 nm pulsed DBR laser made with a Highland Technology T165 Laser Pulser.  
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