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Photodigm Unveils Groundbreaking Laser Innovations: ISO Bragg, Gain Chips, and DEC Technology

Photodigm, the only commercial DBR (Distributed Bragg Reflector) laser manufacturer in the USA, is thrilled to announce the launch of three pioneering products: ISO Bragg, Gain Chips, and Direct-Edge Coupling (DEC) technology. This trio of innovations represents a significant leap forward in the field of photonics and laser technology, reinforcing Photodigm’s reputation as a leader in pushing the boundaries of technology and manufacturing.

ISO Bragg: A Game-Changer for Fiber Optics

Photodigm’s ISO Bragg introduces a higher power, lower-cost solution for customers requiring fiber-coupled packages. This revolutionary product stands out with its reusable packaging, offering significant savings compared to traditional, non-reusable Butterfly packages. The launch includes an attractive introductory pricing offer through February, making it an unmissable opportunity for our customers.

Gain Chips: High Power Across All Wavelengths

The new Gain Chips series exemplifies Photodigm’s commitment to high-quality, high-volume production for OEM customers. These chips offer superior power across all wavelengths ranging from 730 to 1090 nm, addressing the sourcing challenges faced by many in the industry. Photodigm ensures that whatever the volume needed, it can be delivered, showcasing unparalleled flexibility and reliability.

DEC: Precision Customization in Photonics

Photodigm’s DEC technology allows completely customizable die placement on the chip, catering to the precise needs of photonic integrated circuits. This innovation enables light to be directed with unprecedented accuracy, providing a marginal upcharge for a significant leap in performance.

These launches are not just about new products; they represent Photodigm’s vision for the future of photonics. As a small, pioneering company, Photodigm continues to set new standards in the laser manufacturing industry. With these releases, Photodigm is not only providing state-of-the-art products but also cementing its role as an innovator in a highly competitive field.

Stay tuned for more updates, and experience the future of laser technology with Photodigm’s latest offerings.

ABOUT PHOTODIGM, INC: For over 20 years Photodigm, Inc. has been the only 100% U.S.-based semiconductor manufacturer of single spatial and longitudinal mode Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) laser diodes. DBR lasers are essential to quantum sensing and atomic clock manufacturers, optical metrology and sensing, and laser spectroscopy. Headquartered in Richardson, Texas, they design and produce fixed wavelength diode lasers best known for their accuracy and reliability. Learn more at

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