Photodigm DBR Laser Diodes for Non-Linear Optics

Single Frequency Laser Diodes for Frequency Conversion

Non-linear frequency conversion requires high power, single spatial mode, phase coherent laser emission for efficient conversion in non-linear optics materials. Photodigm has extensive experience in working with second harmonic generation (SHG), difference  frequency generation (DFG), and non-linear optics applications with its DBR laser products.

Among the applications enabled by non-linear frequency conversion with Photodigm DBR lasers are the following:

  • Single frequency power of specific wavelength at wavelengths not achievable with conventional semiconductor laser materials. This is important for resonant atomic and ion pumping at specific wavelengths.
  • Single frequency power at high modulation rates unachievable with DPSS designs
  • Difference frequency generation to produce mid-IR wavelengths by non-linear optics for spectroscopic applications
  • Non-linear optics frequency mixing to produce terahertz radiation for terahertz spectroscopy

The DBR laser architecture ensures deterministic wavelength behavior over the life of the device, making them ideal for both laboratory and OEM applications based on non-linear optics. 


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