NEW! Tiered Pricing Strategy to Scale Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes to Meet Increased Global Demand

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Thu, Jan 26, 2023 @ 09:49 AM

Effective immediately, Photodigm is rewarding orders of 100 units or more with a new tiered pricing strategy that drives greater value to their clients while also strengthening the record-breaking growth of their 100% U.S.-based fabrication facility in Richardson, Texas.

JANUARY 26, 2023 (RICHARDSON, TX) –– Photodigm announced the rollout of a new tiered pricing strategy that offers discounts on semiconductor Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) laser diode orders of 100 units or more. After closing a record-breaking FY22 last September, Photodigm continues to sell through inventory and receive requests for higher-volume orders.

“As we continue to scale our manufacturing processes, and in so doing lower unit cost, we intend to increase overall revenue by enabling our clients to lower their BOMs, be more competitive, and drive greater value to the end customer,” said Bill Stuart, President and CEO of Photodigm. “We are fortunate to have a number of customers that are buying at scale from us, and we expect that trend to continue.”

Photodigm, Inc. is the only 100% U.S.-based commercial manufacturer of semiconductor DBR laser diodes 740–1100nm with a global clientele of corporations, government entities, space programs, research labs, and universities. The introduction of its tiered pricing strategy rewards customers while also allowing the Photodigm fabrication facility to quickly scale its semiconductor manufacturing processes to meet the increasing production demands of its growing clientele. Additionally, due to increased volume and batch processing, overall product quality improves enabling Photodigm to streamline its return process.

NEW! Tiered Pricing Strategy on Chip on Submount (CoS) Orders:

  • Up to 99 units, catalog retail price
  • 100–249 units, 20% off the entire order
  • 250–499 units, 40% off the entire order
  • 500–999 units, 50% off the entire order

Note: Special pricing only applies to Chip on Submount (CoS) packages. To qualify all units must be placed in a single order in the same wavelength and specifications.

Payment Terms: 

  • Twenty-five percent (25%) due with the order
  • Three (3) additional payments of twenty-five percent (25%) will be distributed over the contract period, not to exceed one year from order placement

Warranty Terms:

  • Warranty of twelve (12) months from customer’s inventory pull date, not to exceed three (3) years from Photodigm’s shipment date to customer

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Terms:

  • Expeditious RMA replacement, no questions asked, not to exceed one percent (1%) of batch order quantity and if a product defect is found to be a customer-induced failure, a replacement price is to be negotiated

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ABOUT PHOTODIGM, INC: For over 20 years Photodigm, Inc. has been the only 100% U.S.-based semiconductor manufacturer of single spatial and longitudinal mode Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) laser diodes. DBR lasers are essential to quantum sensing and atomic clock manufacturers, optical metrology and sensing, and laser spectroscopy. Headquartered in Richardson, Texas, they design and produce fixed wavelength diode lasers best known for their accuracy and reliability. Learn more at

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