Photodigm Appoints APP Systems Services PTE LTD Sales Representative in Singapore

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Tue, Mar 17, 2015 @ 02:55 PM

Richardson, TX – March 13, 2015

Photodigm, an innovative manufacturer of monolithic DBR laser diodes for instrumentation, metrology, and medical diagnostics, announced the appointment of a new distributor for Singapore and Southeast Asia. Photodigm has appointed APP Systems Services Pte Ltd. of Singapore to provide sales and support across Southeast Asia for Photodigm products.

John Spencer, CEO of Photodigm commented on the appointment. “We welcome APP Systems Services to our team. This agreement shows our commitment to expanding sales and support to our Southeast Asian customers. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with APP Systems Services.”

CP Lee, Director, Sales & Marketing of APP, further commented.  “Singapore is firmly on the map as a leading R&D nation spearheading the development of photonics technologies, fostering the growth of internationally competitive industries and a photonics ecosystem in the country. Since 1982, APP Systems Services has been a leading partner in the development of the high tech industry in Singapore.  We look forward to continuing at the forefront through a fruitful partnership with Photodigm.


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APP Systems Services Pte Ltd, headquartered in Singapore, is a premier sales and service provider for high technology products, in the fields of plasma, thin films, vacuum technology, cryogenics, thermal and bioscience related technologies delivering solutions for critical processes in the semiconductor, solar, displays, data storage, optics, R & D institutions, pharmaceutical, biotech, environmental and the defence industries. 

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Photodigm, Inc., is the world’s leading specialist manufacturer of single spatial and longitudinal mode laser diodes. Our monolithic laser diode products deliver unsurpassed performance for atom optics, non-linear optics, precision instruments, and high speed pulsed operation where beam quality and spectral purity are critical.  Our team designs, produces, and delivers superior laser products by focusing on the needs of our customers, then projecting those requirements onto the semiconductor in our own wafer fabrication facility.


Photodigm,  Inc. 

John E. Spencer

President, Photodigm, Inc.    +1 972 235 7584, ext 2223


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CP Lee

Director, Sales and Marketing, APP Systems Services Pte. Ltd.   + 65 6425 6611


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