Photodigm Application-Certified™ Semiconductor Lasers 

Photodigm DBR Lasers for Demanding Applications

The World's Standard for Long Coherence Length, Monolithic Laser Diodes

Photodigm has been developing and designing single frequency laser diodes since our inception.  In 2008, we delivered our first Spectroscopy-Certified products to our customers.  They were designed for the Rb D2 line at 780.24 nm and the He metastable line at 1083 nm.  Since that time, we have sweated the details with our proprietary AlGaAs epi designs and our in-house wafer fab.  We have continually expanded our product line to include offerings for a variety of applications, including the following:

Tunable Laser Diode Absorption Spectroscopy (TLDAS)

Photodigm DBR lasers are used to support commercial, research, and defense customers in cold atom physics, measurement of ambient levels of oxygen in working environments such as power plants, and atmospheric profiling of water vapor by differential absorption LIDAR.  Where possible, Photodigm provides these lasers from its standard products.  Photodigm can also provide customer development for specific wavelengths.  

Non-Linear Optics

 Non-linear frequency conversion requires high power, single spatial mode, phase coherent laser emission for efficient conversion in non-linear materials. Photodigm has extensive experience in working with second harmonic generation (SHG) and difference  frequency generation (DFG) applications with its DBR laser products.

Picosecond and Nanosecond Optical Pumping

Photodigm’s DBR laser diodes provide excellent spectral stability and high power for pulsed applications. These lasers are capable of producing pulses as short as a few 10’s of picoseconds and can exhibit a high degree of spectral stability, required for seeding high-gain fiber amplifiers. 

Atomic Reference Standards

DFB and DBR Laser diodes for atomic clock applications and other applications based on alkali atom cooling.  These DBR lasers are also used in helium pumped magnetometry

Potassium (K), D1 and D2 lines

Rubidium (Rb), D1 and D2 lines

Cesium (Cs), D1 and D2 lines

Metastable Helium

Handheld and Mobile Instruments

Today’s research laser products are large, power-hungry table-top systems designed for maximum flexibility in the laboratory. However, as key concepts are demonstrated in the laboratory and applications envisioned, a pathway must be developed that puts them on people and vehicles. Contact Photodigm to learn more about how our monolithic DBR lasers can form the heart of your system.   

Long Coherence Length Laser Diode

Photodigm DBR lasers typically have linewidths less than 1 MHz, depending on the operating conditions.  They can be used for metrology applications requiring a long coherence length laser diode.  Vescent Photonics has measured the linewidth of Photodigm 852 nm DBRs at approximately 600 kHz.  This is a coherence length of approximately 160 m.  






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