Photodigm 9MM Package

This compact TO-can laser diode is packaged in the standard 9mm TO-Can with 3 leads.   Typical pin configuration is laser common cathode with integrated photodiode. The can thickness is 4.7mm, pin circle diameter is 2.54mm. It is compatible with most Ø9 mm laser diode mounts

Beam Characteristics:

The beam is a single fundamental mode of elliptical shape. Typical beam divergence is

l 6° FWMH slow axis (horizontal) and 28° FWMH fast axis (vertical). Normal beam aperture is 1um by 5um.


Emission Position:

The laser emission aperture sits 0.75mm behind the top of the TO-can. The lateral position tolerance is +/-0.2mm from the header center.


To maintain wavelength-stabilized, single-frequency performance the TO package device need to be operated within a stabilized temperature range. The main thermal path is through the base plate. The user must supply adequate heat-sink capability when operating Photodigm Laser Diodes mounted in 9mm packages.

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