Single Angle Facet (SAF) Gain ChipsTechnical Specifications

SAF Gain Chip

SAF schematicPhotodigm single angle facet (SAF) gain chips are designed for use in external cavity diode lasers (ECDL). Angling one of the facets relative to the rest of the gain ridge suppresses feedback into the semiconductor by as much as 4 orders of magnitude. As a result, the gain chip emits only amplified spontaneous emissions (ASE). The semiconductor optical amplifier has the same characteristics as the SAF but has angled facets on both ends.

These devices are available to both OEMs and end users for retrofit into existing external cavity diode lasers. They are available on 9mm, C-mount, or CoS platforms.

Handling Precautions

These devices are sensitive to ESD. When handling the module, grounded work area and wrist strap must be used. Always store in an antistatic container with all leads shorted together.

Package Outline