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Something to Bragg About! Introducing ISO Bragg Packaging

Photodigm, announces new high-powered optically isolated fiber-coupled DBR lasers with over twice the power and significantly improved beam isolation than other devices available in today’s market. Known as the ISOBragg™ product line, the initial three wavelengths offered in this very small package are 780 nm, 852 nm, and 1064 nm.  

ISOBragg™ boasts high-powered fiber-coupled optically isolated DBR laser diode packages, surpassing traditional 14-pin butterfly packages in optical output power, all within a compact design. Crafted with precision from proprietary monolithic single-frequency Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) advanced laser technology, ISOBragg™ packages guarantee superior optical output power performance with comparable or improved levels of optical isolation. 

Designed with practicality in mind, the ISOBragg™ package features a single spatial mode beam delivered by a 1-meter-length polarization-maintaining (PM) fiber with an FC/APC male output connector. Constructed from durable Aluminum 6061, the package facilitates easy mechanical mounting and heatsinking. Temperature control is assured through a thermoelectric cooler (TEC) with thermistor, with a six (6) pin connector enabling straightforward electrical connection to the laser diode, TEC, and thermistor. 

The ISOBragg™ platform derives its spectral specifications from Photodigm’s DBR Standard Chip on Submount (CS) or Mode-Hop Free (MHF) Chip on Submount in a fiber-coupled assembly. ISOBragg™ employs more optically efficient isolators, surpassing the capabilities of traditional 14-pin butterfly packages. This results in a significant increase in optical efficiency, achieving optical isolation of equal to or greater than 30 dB by design. Additionally, ISOBragg™ offers the option for optical isolation of ≥ 60 dB at 1064 nm. 

Initially available at 780.241 nm (10–150 mW; 30 dB isolation), 852.347 nm (50–200 mW; 30 dB isolation), and 1064 nm (30–300 mW, 30 dB isolation; 30–180 mW, 60 dB isolation), it accommodates Photodigm’s three (3) chip architectures (low, high, and high operating temperature (HOT)). 

“Many of our customers are looking for significantly more power out of fiber from a DBR and while butterflies will remain a core part of partnership with a number of providers, this solution is built in house and offers a full warranty with the addition of greater power, and more effective isolation than previously made available.  Along with our new amplifiers, ever-increasing wavelength diversity and continuously improving manufacturing and design processes, we are building the longest life, highest power diodes in the world,” – Bill Stuart, CEO Photodigm. 

Combining the precision of a benchtop research laser with the scalability of an application-specific semiconductor chip, Photodigm is already trusted by leading National Labs, Universities, and OEMs worldwide for demanding single-frequency applications. Photodigm welcomes prospective OEMs to join discussions on product offerings covering wavelengths from 730 to 1090 nm. ISOBragg™ sets a new standard, delivering cutting-edge solutions for the evolving needs of the industry. 

About Photodigm 

Photodigm leads the world in the development and manufacturing of high power and high operating temperature environment single-frequency Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) laser diodes. Located in Richardson, Texas, the company has demonstrated significant growth and innovation in this space, winning multiple economic and science-related awards. The company is American-owned and American-employed and has focused 99% of its supply-side purchasing in the United States.   

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