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Photodigm Unveils a Strategic Product Restructuring Paired with a 25% Price Reduction as Customer Demand Continues to Drive Increased Production

Effective July 1st, Photodigm is reducing the retail price of its Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) semiconductor laser diodes by 25% and showcasing a new product strategy to deliver savings and simplicity to its global customer base.

JUNE 26, 2023 (RICHARDSON, TX) –– Photodigm is thrilled to announce that as of July 1st, its entire product portfolio of Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) laser diodes will receive a historic 25% price reduction and new strategic approach to deliver savings and simplicity to its global customer base.

The semiconductor manufacturer announced a progressive tiered pricing strategy earlier this year to provide discounts on higher-volume orders of 100 units or more. As customer demand continued to increase, Photodigm intentionally invested in R&D projects partnering with the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to raise yields and overall volume of their fab, evolving from the company’s early years of on-demand production where it operated much like a university research lab.

“As we continue our journey to ever-improving laser lifetimes with better quality, higher yields, and gains in our overall production process, we are intentionally leveraging every opportunity to drive value to our customers,” said Bill Stuart, President and CEO of Photodigm.

Photodigm’s product portfolio now boasts thirty-two wavelengths of DBR laser diodes including Spectroscopy Certified devices tuned to unique elements like Rubidium which is often used in biomedical sensing applications or atomic clocks in GPS-denied environments for military applications.

To empower its customers, Photodigm restructured its product line around four simple decisions –– application (wavelength), functionality (chip architecture), added customization, and device packaging all with transparent pricing to provide a clear understanding of the added value in each selection.

“We’re putting our customers in the driver’s seat by providing them with greater insight into our product capabilities and pricing than ever before,” says Mandy Eaton, VP of Sales & Marketing at Photodigm. “One of our core tenets at Photodigm is to foster innovation through collaboration and our new strategic approach to our product [portfolio] invites customers to shop, but also prompts them to ask themselves what they really need our technology to provide, which helps us evolve together.”

Photodigm, Inc. is the only 100% U.S.-based commercial manufacturer of semiconductor DBR laser diodes 730–1090nm with a global clientele of corporations, government entities, space programs, research labs, and universities. View the new catalog offering and updated pricing at


ABOUT PHOTODIGM, INC: For over 20 years Photodigm, Inc. has been the only 100% U.S.-based semiconductor manufacturer of single spatial and longitudinal mode Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) laser diodes. DBR lasers are essential to quantum sensing and atomic clock manufacturers, optical metrology and sensing, and laser spectroscopy. Headquartered in Richardson, Texas, they design and produce fixed wavelength diode lasers best known for their accuracy and reliability. Learn more at

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