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Photodigm DBR Laser Diodes are now flying in International Payloads on both Low Orbit and Deep Space Missions


What is the difference between a DBR laser and a DFB laser?  

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Photodigm Receives DARPA Success Story Recognition

DARPA Report

What our customers say...

 "...Your DBR laser diode performance is quite good compared to other LDs..."


 "Your Laser made the cleanest, fastest sub-100 ps pulses of any of the butterflies that we've tested so far.  The falling edge is beautiful, no lopsidedness or post-pulse artifacts.  Nice Laser...."

                Laser Driver Manufacturer


Corporate Mission Statement

Photodigm is the world’s leading manufacturer of single spatial and longitudinal mode laser diodes. Our monolithic laser diode products deliver unsurpassed performance for atom optics, non-linear optics, precision instruments, and high speed pulsed operation where beam quality and spectral purity are critical.

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16-18 May 2017

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Products and Services

A Complete Line of Products

Photodigm DBR laser diodes are precisely fabricated to deliver single frequency, single mode output in the near-IR spectral band from about 740 nm to 1100 nm. The ridge waveguide selects a single spatial mode, and the monolithic DBR grating selects a single longitudinal mode. With a narrow bandwidth on the order of 1 MHz, Photodigm DBR lasers are uniquely suited to applications in atom sensors, non-linear, and spectroscopy.  Since their introduction in 2008, we have sweated the details with our proprietary epi designs and our in-house wafer fab.   We fabricate our own product, setting us apart from our competition with superior reliability at the highest available power in a monolithic semiconductor.

Spectroscopy-Certified™ Semiconductor lasers

We are the recognized leader in lasers resonant with atomic and molecular transitions. Our Spectroscopy-Certified™ DBR lasers are designed for the D1 and D2 lines of K, Rb, and Cs; the He metastable line at 1083 nm, as well as for H2O at 828 nm and O2 at 760 nm. Each device is individually screened and certified to be resonant with the designated transition within the specified operating range. Unlike competing DFB lasers, Photodigm DBR lasers exhibit deterministic behavior with aging, a characteristic we call Perma-Loc™.  DFB lasers are prone to sudden, indeterminate mode hops as they age, resulting in premature end-of-life. You can be confident that the Photodigm DBR will lock to the transition throughout its life.  

Now available!! Photodigm's Mercury package  Designed for OEM's and  High Power applications.


Application-Certified™ Laser Diodes

Photodigm Application-Certified™ DBR laser diodes are no less stringently tested.  Designed for OEM applications in Raman spectroscopy, tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy, picosecond optical pumping, and non-linear optics, they conform to strict specifications of linewidth, wavelength, spectral characteristics, and other user-defined criteria.  

Custom wavelengths & devices quoted on request

737 through 1100 nm

Gain chips, including single angle facet (SAF) gain chips for use in External Cavity Diode Lasers-Single Angle Facet (SAF) Gain Chips

780 nm SAF gain chips

850 nm SAF gain chips

Please inquire about other wavelengths available, including 795 nm, 808 nm, 895 nm, 1064 nm, and 1083 nm

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Packaging Specifications

Photodigm's Lasers are available in these packages:

C-Mount; CS; Butterfly; TO-8; Mercury™

Designed for demanding OEM applications, the Mercury™ package is designed to handle the heat load of Photodigm's high power DBRs for both OEMs and end users alike.  Today, the Mercury delivers up to 280 mW of diffraction-limited single lateral-and longitudinal-mode laser power from a compact hermetic package. Applications include mobile instrumentation where durability and reliability are essential. 

 Semi-Active Laser Simulator Test Systems

Building on our expertise in precision lasers, we expanded our product line in 2008 though the introduction of our Versatile Laser Test System for semi-active laser seekers. 

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